Happy Birthday Mir!!!!

Taken from SWNT team blog.

Hooray for birthday cake. Tonight was a good night! Not only did we have a “Roger That” session and birthday cake to celebrate Miranda Ayim’s 24th birthday but the best part is that we have a day off tomorrow!!!

Today was a pretty crazy day. Our morning practice went well, we started off slow but finished with a few good scrimmages.

In the last 5 minutes of practice the doping control agents showed up and everyone rushed for their water bottles. Six people were selected including the lucky birthday girl.

After practice we got our lift in with Chad and then back to UFV for lunch. The 6 lucky ladies were subjected to hours of waiting. Taryn, Chels and Mir all produced urine samples that were too diluted. In other words they were incredibly hydrated which is something we stress a lot at camp.

Sadly they were punished for it and had to wait around to produce a second sample before they could come back to the hotel to rest. They got back to the hotel an hour before we left for the second practice of the day. We put in an in bounds and side line play tonight and got up a lot of shots.

We are all looking forward to a day off tomorrow to rest up our bodies and minds. We have individual meetings tomorrow and will make a few cuts. The girls cut will head straight to Toronto for a training camp with a development team.

Go Canada!

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