Hello, beautiful people! My name is Miranda Joy Ayim and I’m a two-time Olympian with Team Canada.

I’ve been playing professional basketball in the southwest of France for the past seven years. I also played in Turkey for three years after completing four years at Pepperdine University in California.

Over the course of my tenure with Canada Basketball, I’ve travelled from Brazil to Spain to Japan (and everywhere in-between).

Basketball has lead me to all corners of the globe and has enabled me to reflect on my own perspective with fresh eyes and deeper understanding. Participating in this environment of high-performance has prompted me to explore how we define success, how we perceive failure, and all the uncomfortable emotions in-between.

By writing and sharing, I want to start meaningful conversations. I encourage people to deeply explore their beliefs, thoughts, and habits. We are empowered as we stretch and grow and learn.

Here’s to cultivating your best you!