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    Building Confidence: Putting the odds on your side

    Here’s the secret about confidence: We all struggle with it. We all have moments when it’s naturally low and moments when it’s naturally high. That kind of fluctuating confidence is based…

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    Last Day in Brazil: Reflections

    Reflecting back on my month-long stay in Brazil and sharing an exercise that helped me gain clarity and direction for the upcoming months! Sidenote: I just created a new Instagram that…

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    Why I Gave Up Netflix

    I’ve struggled with the Wi-fi in my house for the past year and a half. Yes, a year and a half. I’ve had repairmen come and go, intruding on my off…

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    Why I gave up Netflix

    Most people drastically overestimate how much time they spend doing things (think going to the gym). With TV-watching, however, it’s the opposite. We spend hours and hours in front of our…

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    what’s in my book bag?

    A month-long trip to Brazil necessitates some good reading material! In this video, I give a tour of what’s in my book bag and a brief summary of my thoughts on…