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July 14, 2010 | Blog

Today was game day.

After 21 days of practice and intersquad competition, we played. It wasn’t the type of glorious, all-important game one thinks of when one says “After 21 days, we played.” But it was good.

I almost had forgotten how calming and familiar pre-game routine is, or how the simple drop of a beat induces instant energy and swagger. I had almost forgotten how good a solid block feels, or the anticipation you feel kneeling at the scoring table waiting to go in. I had almost forgotten the aura of expectation emanating from a crowd, or the shy responding smile of the kids when you smile at them. I had almost forgotten.

But not completely. And that is why after playing basketball my entire life, after four years of NCAA Division 1 basketball, I’m still playing.

[Soundtrack of the Day: I Do My Thing – Kid Cudi ft. Snoop DoggWarning: lyrics may not be appropriate for all audiences, good pump up song/beat though]



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