Hi, I’m

I’m a 3x Olympian, certified wellness coach, and
keynote speaker. Underneath all of that,
I’m passionate about
leveraging wellness to fuel performance.

I’ve spent
the past decade sharpening my skills
and reaching the height of my discipline.
Now I help teams and individuals reach
their goals and protect their peace.

Looking for performance without the burnout? I can help!


Customized programs based on YOU. Gain clarity on goals and values, design and implement new habits and growth strategies.


Reignite purpose through an inspiring talk where I share lessons learned on the field of play and in the boardroom. Learn how to leverage habits, optimize goals and align performance with wellness.


Motivate your team with an interactive session with
me. I’ll teach practical strategies I learned and applied during my years as an Olympic athlete and now as a business owner.

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Let’s connect on Instagram: @mjayim