The short:

Proud Canadian who has spent the last 15 years living abroad with stints in France, Turkey and California.

Voracious reader | Social homebody | Plant lady

The long:

Throughout my career, I experienced bouts of anxiety and low self-confidence on the basketball court and was eventually forced to address it. My solution? Try harder. Do more.

The problem with giving a highly motivated perfectionist a bunch of ways to get better—she’s going to try ALL OF THEM. I quickly found myself overrun with all of the “right ways” to live a healthy, balanced, meaningful life.

With so much competing for our attention sometimes it’s hard to determine what we truly need to THRIVE.

If you’re ready to cut the noise, gain clarity and create meaningful goals —> Let’s Work Together!

The CV:

Miranda is a two-time Olympian and co-captain of Team Canada’s basketball team. She is also a certified wellness coach, public speaker and writer.

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