#07 Amie Latta: Connecting with Yourself and Your Community

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In this episode of The Miranda Ayim Podcast, Amie Latta and I discuss moving through emotional storms, techniques to increase self-awareness, and how to make an immediate impact in your community.

Amie Latta is a registered psychotherapist and a specialist in relationship and sex therapy. She is also the Director of Programs at a local not-for-profit organization and a dynamic community leader.


  • How have you been supporting your clients through this pandemic?
  • What are some practical ways we can improve our self-awareness?
  • What are the questions we should be asking ourselves to prompt introspection?
  • Why is community so important?


Key Discussion Points

  • How to process the emotional difficulties that come with living through a pandemic
  • The Perfectionism Trap
  • Tracking trends in interpersonal relationships
  • Using emotion as a catalyst for change
  • Grounding techniques in the middle of the storm
  • The specific phrase that signals a need for increased self-awareness
  • The ripple effect of self-development
  • How to focus on your “impactsphere”
  • Creativity and community
  • Plus much more…

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