#09 Jason Sealy: Why We Hate Working in Teams

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“There has to be a high level of importance to wanting to change. And there has to a level of importance around the urgency to change. Or a recognition or connection with the cost of not changing or not growing.” – Jason Sealy

In this episode of The Miranda Ayim Podcast, Jason Sealy and I discuss leveraging mindfulness to improve performance, the key areas and issues leaders need to lean into, and the power of teams.

Jason Sealy is a Performance Coaching Consultant and director of Sealy Coaching & Performance Inc. who consults with a wide variety of organizations such as the Smith School of Business, Queens University, the Reach Alliance at University of Toronto, Loblaw, NAV Canada and many more. He also teaches Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at Humber College.

Key Discussion Points

  • The skill of noticing
  • Identifying what success looks like to you or your organization
  • How to leverage mindfulness
  • How to become a more effective leader
  • The link between physiological, emotional and mental states
  • Moving from “MVP” to “C-suite”
  • How to get the best at getting better
  • The power of teams
  • Why we dread being in teams
  • Transferring best practices from sport to business
  • Bland mission statement → Lived values
  • Vulnerability in leadership
  • Embracing the human side of business

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