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Miranda Ayim is a two-time Olympian,
co-captain of the Canadian Women’s Basketball team, public speaker and
certified wellness coach


Having dedicated years of her life to organizations full of high performers and even higher goals, Miranda has seen firsthand the necessity of a calm mind, clear goals and continuous improvement.

Miranda speaks on a variety of topics. Reach out to see if she’d be a good fit for your event.


Change is simple, but not easy–you need someone in your corner to encourage, support and challenge you.

If you’re looking to develop better habits and goals, reduce stress and cultivate your best self, you’re in the right place.


Miranda is continuously exploring the qualities of a truly successful life: values-driven and meaningful, healthy and thriving, balanced and impactful.

She shares personal experiences and reflections, as well as high performance techniques, mindfulness strategies and recent reads.

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