Why I gave up Netflix

Why I gave up Netflix

Most people drastically overestimate how much time they spend doing things (think going to the gym). With TV-watching, however, it's the opposite. We spend hours and hours in front of our screens, aimlessly surfing from show to show. It's time to get more intentional...

what’s in my book bag?

what’s in my book bag?

A month-long trip to Brazil necessitates some good reading material! In this video, I give a tour of what's in my book bag and a brief summary of my thoughts on each book. A mixture of fiction and non-fiction, business and self-help, there's a variety of topics for...

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Hi, I’m Miranda!

I’m Miranda, a certified wellness coach,
public speaker, blogger, podcaster, and
athlete. Underneath all of that, I’m an
advocate of intentional growth.

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