why “The Ideal state” doesn’t exist in high performance: the role of emotion and attention

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I sat down (virtually) with Bryce Tully, mental performance consultant, to chat about the interplay between emotion and attention, how the “ideal emotional state” doesn’t exist, and how we can harness our attention regardless of our current emotions.

Here are some of Bryce’s gems from our conversation:

“Attention is the currency of high performance.”

“If we function under the premise that we don’t have full control over how we feel…you have to then find a way to separate how you’re feeling from what you’re paying attention to.”

“You can be in a state of grief. You can be in a state of discomfort. You can be in a state of all kinds of what would be ‘negative states,’ traditionally, and still focus on the right thing.”

“Find your focus through the feelings.”

About Bryce:

Bryce Tully is a mental performance consultant with Team Canada and the Canadian Sport Institute (Atlantic) and serves on the Canadian Olympic Committee’s Mental Health Task Force. He is also the founder and CEO of Inner Logic, an all-in-one platform for culture and leadership development.

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