Creating Your Ideal Environment: Setting Yourself Up for Success

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Plant Lady—yup, that’s me!

My home is filled with plants. There’s no corner that has escaped a bit of foliage. No windows in the room? No worries, I’ll just place some dried flowers in a cool vintage vase. No space? No worries, I’ll just hang it from the ceiling.

But what do plants have to do with setting oneself up for success?


Before we begin, however, can we all agree that environment is a prominent variable in life in general?

It’s of such importance that we are forever having the “nature vs nurture” argument, which is essentially attempting to ascertain which has greater influence: genetics or environment.

I’d bet the answer lies somewhere between the two camps but, regardless of which side you lean towards, you can’t dismiss the effect environment has on who we are as people.

I’ve noticed the effect a messy house has on me—cue: Marie Kondo. Also: a dirty house, a poorly decorated house, or a house with no plant life whatsoever.

It’s not for me!

Of course, we all have differing definitions of “messy,” “poorly decorated” and “dirty,” but I know those things put me on edge if I’m stuck in that kind of environment for a while.

My mind works better in a clean, organized, cozy environment…with lots of plants!

Why plants?

Plants are more than just a hipster environmentalist aesthetic; they improve our quality of life! There are numerous studies showing the benefits of nature on our mental and physical health.

Even simple acts like taking a 15-minute walk through a city park or putting a potted plant on your desk can dramatically impact your day.

Bringing plants into my home fosters a zen-like ambiance. Coming home is a welcome reprieve after a long day at work. I’ve created a retreat where I can settle my mind, relax my body and soothe my soul.

It’s like a reset button.

Even my guests remark on the feeling they get when they enter my home. They feel comfortable, calm, and cozy.

That’s an intentionally “curated” vibe I’ve made for my primary residence because that’s how I want to feel on a regular basis!

Solid Foundation

Having a zen space sets me up for success. I’m easily able to slip into a calm, meditative state when I come home and that bleeds into other areas of my life. Having constant access to a state like that enables me to “stack” other beneficial habits on top of it.

It’s easier to flip into work mode in a peaceful, clean, green environment.

It’s easier to settle down and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

It’s easier to let go of stressful situations at work.

Sometimes it’s hard to control our thoughts and emotions. So why not cultivate a space that naturally exudes the type of vibe you seek?

Instead of fighting against unideal situations and wasting valuable energy, use your environment to provide a solid foundation from which you can deal with whatever comes your way throughout the day.

To go on a plant tour with yours truly and learn a bit more about why I use plants to create my ideal environment, check out the video below!

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