Why “Tips and Tricks” Don’t Work: Coping with Performance Anxiety Part Two

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I get it. Sometime you’re in a pinch and you just want a quick fix! I feel the same, believe me.

However, here’s the annoying part: if we want lasting effects, we need to make significant change.

Ugh, how demanding.

But this is how life works. The simple and easy path rarely leads to deep, enduring results. I guess it’s life’s way of making sure we learn the lesson before we get to appreciate the benefits.

I have definitely learned some lessons from my experience with performance anxiety. There are more things to learn and refine (as always), but I’ve come out on the other end stronger and wiser.

That’s what I want to share with you: the techniques and—most importantly—the mentality that has set me up for success. Because it’s more than “the top 5 tips and tricks to help you get through performance anxiety”—it’s about building a solid foundation that will keep you grounded when those waves of anxiety, stress or struggle want to knock you over.

It’s about creating your definition of success, identifying your core values, and reigning in your attention. It’s about allowing perspective to lesson the effects of the “right now.” It’s about metaphorically taking the seat out from under emotional hijacking.

What do these three things—a definition, values and attention—have in common?

They allow you to regain control over your life.

They give you the freedom to construct your ideal life outside the reach of the opinions of others, daily distractions and other external factors that are out of our control.

It turns the focus back on YOU. Far from being selfish, it actually positively affects those around you! Imagine someone who is not worried about what other people think and is just focused on being their best self and following their path. That type of person is worth spending time with!

Check out the video below for a more in-depth explanation of why you need more than “tips and tricks” to get you through those difficult situations (like performance anxiety).

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